Oh, Vienna—The Best Capital City for a Wine Break

Wine Tourist
By Chris Boiling
September 7, 2016


Earlier this year, at the Travvy Awards, the American travel industry selected Austria as the best wine tourism destination in Europe. Wine writer Chris Boiling still thinks Slovenia is tops but he concedes that Austria’s capital, Vienna, is the best wine city he has visited.

Austria in 6 Cakes: Poppy Seeds are Popular

By Pam Mandel
April 27, 2015


Pakistan is the world’s largest producer of poppy seeds, but the Austrians are no slouches, they produce about 1,000 metric tons, annually. The technical term for that is a whole lotta poppy seeds. Poppy seeds show up all over Austria baking – dusting the top of your bread rolls, sprinkled over butter smothered dumplings, and inside your cake.

Michael's brings family recipes from Austria

St. Cloud Times
By Jake Laxen
April 21, 2015


While attending a wedding in his native Austria, Michael's Restaurant owner Heinrich Wurdak was in search of his family's Hussaren Braten recipe.

He fondly remembered eating the onion cream gravy-smothered beef brisket with red cabbage dish at large Sunday family meals. The recipe had been passed from Wurdak's grandmother to his mother to his sister-in-law.

Mashed potatoes highlight family feasts

St. Cloud Times
By Caitlin Yilek
April 21, 2015


Every holiday that I can remember my grandma and late grandpa prepared a feast. Mashed potatoes were usually on the menu, and if they weren't I'd lobby my grandparents to incorporate them. It's a running joke in my family that my grandma has to make extra mashed potatoes because my uncle and I would not save enough for the others. Even then, there are always leftovers for potato pancakes the next morning (just mix an egg — and chives, if preferred — with the potatoes, and spoon the mixture onto a hot pan).

Austria in 6 Cakes: What a Mess!

By Pam Mandel
April 20, 2015


“So ein Schmarrn!” is a handy of Austrian German slang for “What a mess!” Schmarrn is also the name of dessert that’s not much more than a scrambled pancake. (Pancake is a kind of cake too, friends!) The Kaiserschmarrn got its “Kaiser” prefix because it was a favorite of Emperor Franz Josef – he of the fondness for Bundt cake.

Austria in 6 Cakes: The Sachertorte Saga

By Pam Mandel
April 13, 2015


The Hotel Sacher is a grand old property in Vienna’s first district. The ground floor café has marble topped tables and red upholstery and the wait-staff are attired in black with white aprons. There’s a conservatory that faces the street and in the summer time, it’s transformed into open air seating. The neighborhood is amazing; the Hotel is right across the street from the Opera House. The Hotel opened in 1875 – Grace Kelly stayed here, as did John F. Kennedy and Rudolph Nureyev.

Austria's Wine Future Looks Brightest in Burgenland

The Huffington Post
By John Mariani
April 10, 2015


Of all the regions of Austria that grow wine grapes--Wachau, Kremstal, Kamptal, Donauland, and others--the most exciting innovations are coming out of Burgenland for wines at the Qualitätswein level as set by the Austrian Wine Marketing Board, created in 1986.

Dessert storm: How to sink your teeth in Austria's best cakes

By John Malathronas
April 2, 2015


The art of high patisserie is alive in Austria and has spread around the world.

You may not know the difference between your Kirschkuppeln and your Maroniherzen, but you've certainly eaten desserts like apple strudel, jam doughnuts (Krapfen) and a variety of what we still call Viennese pastries.

Austria in 6 (or More) Cakes: The Pistachio Problem

By Pam Mandel
March 23, 2015


For reasons that are hard to track down, the Mozart Kugel – Austria’s famous Mozart Ball chocolate – is filled with pistachio marzipan. Theory: Mozart made several journeys to Italy as a young man and while there, he became fond of pistachios which were commonly used in Italian desserts.

Celebrate spring with a quick veggie version of my Austrian childhood favorite

Chicago Tribune
By Wolfgang Puck, Tribune Content Agency Wolfgang Puck's Kitchen
March 18, 2015


When I think about the garden my mother and grandmother tended surrounding my childhood home in Austria, it always seems to be springtime. They grew so many fresh vegetables, a harvest that always formed the foundation of our family meals. Even in winter, the garden always fed us, thanks to the root cellar where we stored potatoes, carrots, onions and so many other wholesome ingredients we'd grown ourselves.

Is there room for opposite palates on one Viennese plate?

The Washington Post
By Anne Calcagno
March 12, 2015


Vienna is so proud of its cuisine you can buy postcards of whatever you’ve eaten or, just as likely, of the dishes and desserts you’ve missed. Planning to indulge for a weekend, I arrive in the Austrian capital armed with a list of specialties long as a Hapsburg sash.

Austria's Burgenland Is Full of Wildlife and Wine

The Huffington Post
By John Mariani
March 13, 2015


As I write this, there are still several inches of snow on the ground in New York, but when you read this, the wildflowers may well be bursting from the rich soil of Burgenland in southeastern Austria, and the grape vines getting ready to bud.

European fusion restaurant brings a taste of Austria to downtown Austin

Culture Map Austin
By Arden Ward
March 2, 2015


Downtown Austin will get a taste of Austria with the opening of Prelog's "contemporary French fusion kitchen and bar." The restaurant from Austrian-born Chef Florian Prelog opens to the public on March 6 in the 360 Tower.