Coffee, of Course

Coffee in Austria is very important and an essential part of our food culture. Drinking coffee is celebrated either at home or in one of our many cafés and can last up to an hour or more. Here we want to present you with a selection of Austria's most famous coffee variations.

© Österreich Werbung, Fotograf: Ilgner  

© Österreich Werbung, Fotograf: Ilgner

Kleiner Brauner and Großer Brauner
Translated into English it literally means Little Brown One or Large Brown One and comes close to what people consider to be ordinary coffee: black coffee with a bit of milk. Usually the coffee is not filtered, but steamed like an espresso. The milk or cream is usually served in a tiny pot with the coffee so the guest can decide how much to put into the coffee.

Kleiner Schwarzer / Grosser Schwarzer
single Espresso / double Espresso

One of the most popular variations of coffee, the Melange is a mix of frothed milk and steamed coffee. The Viennese coffee company Meinl specifies it as having "equal parts steamed milk and foam", and serves theirs dusted with cocoa powder. The Viennese melange originates from Vienna, hence the name, and is typically served in a glas.

Kaisermelange (The Emperor's Melange)
The Kaisermelange consists of strong black coffee, an egg yolk and honey. In a cup, the egg yolk is mixed with honey and while stirring the mix the strong black coffee is added slowly. In Vienna, a shot of cognac is also added to the mix.

Milchkaffee (Café latte)
Not typical Austrian but never the less very popular. It is a coffee drink made with espresso and steamed or frothed milk.

Einspänner (Mocha with whipped cream)
Strong, black coffee usually served in a  glass instead of a mug with a dash of whipped cream on top.

The Fiaker, who is named after the famous horse-and-carriages in Vienna,is strong, black coffee served in a glass with lots of sugar, a shot of rum and whipped cream on top.

Similar to a Fiaker but served cold. The Mazagran is a strong, black coffee served with ice, a shot of rum and a bit of sugar. This delicacy is especially good during the hot summer months.

A diluted and weaker, but larger version of the Großer Brauner, typically served with milk and optionally a bit of sugar.

Fine black coffee doused with foamed milk and served with whipped cream and cocoa powder.

Maria Theresia
Named after the famous empress, this exlusive Viennese coffee variation is prepared from black coffee with delicious orange liqueur.

Kaffee Verkehrt
 1/3 of black coffee in a glass mixed with 2/3 of hot and foamed milk.

Kaffee Baileys
Served in a glass, the black coffee is topped with fresh Baileys, whipped cream and cocoa powder.

Wiener Eiskaffee
A double espresso served with vanilla ice cream and freshly whipped cream.

Black coffee with a shot of liquid cream.

Black coffee with whipped cream and a shot of apricot liqueur.

Black filter coffee with a lot of milk served in a coffee mug instead of a cup.

Strong Espresso topped off with a mix of egg yolk and sugar. The egg yolk is mixed with sugar and whipped until foamy before put on top of the coffee.

A small black coffee mixed with liquid sugar, red wine and vodka.

Hot chocolate with a shot of strong espresso.